Posted 3 days ago

soooo yaay i have 301 FOLLOWERS now I AM SO HAPPY thankyou all jfkldskjsk
have some shisui because why not

Posted 4 days ago
so i tried to color my sketch and yeahthere he is

so i tried to color my sketch and yeah
there he is

Posted 2 weeks ago

little senju brothers yeah

Posted 2 weeks ago

and thiiis ahaha i don’t know…

Posted 2 weeks ago

looka dis
i think i need to post it
why? who knows

Posted 3 weeks ago


So tiny! So cute!

Posted 1 month ago

i want to post it everywhere
i love this sketch

Posted 1 month ago

*brings back the off again*
batter and alpha fight with an ugly january ghoul

Posted 1 month ago

so apparently after a year……….. i discovered that not everyone died after a purification of the zones…
a shocking fact for me

Posted 2 months ago

i love this drawing so much i need to post it here
sorry for this needless posting
this is my post apocalypse oc, The Beneficial