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my gf said that this coloring is great so i’m not afraid to show it!

Posted 1 week ago

sasuke why

Posted 1 week ago


i love sasuke?? what the Fuck???

Posted 1 week ago

theres some overrealistic obito-kun-chan-san-sempai
i kinda like this

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let me tell you about some rlly cool ppl here on tumblr
6th-mizukage is a gift of gods and i love them 
s1thar is someone ive been talkin to for a year and 8 days by now and she is an amazing artist who really got me into some cool stuff

hoshi-chii made my day on omegle once. hope you’re doing alright!

virusabs is my precious bby don’t you ever dARE HURT OR OFFEND MY SOUGHTER 

lieutenantdickwinters is literally my tumblr crush sorry not sorry

so yeah these are the people i talk to 


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soooo yaay i have 301 FOLLOWERS now I AM SO HAPPY thankyou all jfkldskjsk
have some shisui because why not

Posted 2 weeks ago
so i tried to color my sketch and yeahthere he is

so i tried to color my sketch and yeah
there he is

Posted 3 weeks ago

little senju brothers yeah

Posted 4 weeks ago

and thiiis ahaha i don’t know…

Posted 4 weeks ago

looka dis
i think i need to post it
why? who knows