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So tiny! So cute!

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i want to post it everywhere
i love this sketch

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*brings back the off again*
batter and alpha fight with an ugly january ghoul

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so apparently after a year……….. i discovered that not everyone died after a purification of the zones…
a shocking fact for me

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  1. Norway: Call me big brother.
  2. Iceland: No.
  3. Norway: I'll give you an extra hour in the ball pit.
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i love this drawing so much i need to post it here
sorry for this needless posting
this is my post apocalypse oc, The Beneficial

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norway r u lookin for a butt kickin

i feel like someones done this b4 but oh well i made it dumber シ

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just drew eddie because he’s great dunno why

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i have some weird internet troubles, can’t use skype and stuff
so i was bored and i missed my OTP